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Anal hooks are a quite peculiar and very enjoyable anal device. They’re perfect for more advanced BDSM practitioners who need to extend their sex play into a more medical/torture domain. They feature a long ball on one end, which – you guessed it – hooks into the anus. The other end can be strung up or mounted onto whatever you please, really.

This creates a perfect way to torture a sub or a pet. They’re typically made of stainless steel, and can have one or more balls on either end. Different varieties have different amounts of balls or attachment hooks – you be the judge of the hook you’re ready for.

Whether you’re looking for a simple anal hook with just one ball, or you’re ready for an anal hook that’s attached to a next brace (our premium option), we have the hook for you right here. At Butt Plug Experts, we pride ourselves on having the widest selection and best choices for anything sexy that goes in your ass, and anal hooks are no exception.

Our award-winning customer service is here to help you should you have any questions at all. Remember, as always, to play safe, sane, and consensually, and make sure that everyone involved is funny cognizant and willing. Anal hooks are a great addition to any playtime!

Anal Hooks 

Are you thinking to try something unique with your partner? Then, it would be great to try anal hooks. This hook might be intimidating to use at first. But, once you use it – the fun starts at once. The anal hook has a loop and a ball on the other end. Now, you might be wondering: how would this hook help me in reaching an orgasm?

You would soon find out once you read this article. You might even be surprised with the extreme pleasure it would give you. This 1 inch thick and 6 inches long device is perfect for couples who want to try a unique pleasurable moment in bed.

Pleasurable Use

Do want to make an exciting and pleasurable scene with your wife? Then, you let your submissive partner enjoy as you take control of the situation.  You insert the hook’s short end into the anus and the loop on the long end.

Are you feeling the excitement already? You should be because you would enjoy it. You use the rope and attached it to the overhead fixture that results to a wearing position. You can do an experiment by binding your partner’s wrist.

Then what can you expect from this?

Of course, you have assurance of extreme stimulation that you like. Feel the thrill and excitement in the best way. You let your imaginations run free and gain a pleasurable release. Don’t worry about the climax! You and your partner can do it in an exciting way.

Hook Up and Have Fun

Anal hooks are hot sex devices that you must have.  If you’re not familiar with hook up, it’s the right time to try it. Yes, it’s scary at first but once you achieve excellent pleasure, your fears are no more, Give your wife and girlfriend a pleasurable treat on your anniversary.

The anal hook is a perfect gift that she would never forget. This hook can spice up a dull or a cold evening so it’s no harm in using it. The hooks can turn your fantasies to reality   It’s best to have a unique and pleasurable time with your partner right?

For sure, you would have satisfaction in seeing the result!

Anal Hook Varieties

New and exciting possibilities are always open for you! Anal hooks provide the excitement that you desire to have. These devices are J shaped that has plug or ball parts. There’s an O-ring on the rope that provides you excellent game play. You can be naughty and kinky on the next level. The possibilities are e endless so you have an excellent time of using it.

Easy to Clean

You can be wild in bed while maintaining good hygiene. The anal hooks are easy to clean due to the material it has. Women can have a safe insertion of the hooks. That’s only the start.

The pleasure begins as you prolong the insertion on your butt. As you do this, you can have an excellent time that you wouldn’t forget. These hooks are designed to make your fantasies become a reality. There’s no stopping you to achieve a pleasurable time with your partner.

But, if you want to experience different options in using anal hooks, here are the excellent ways for you to do it.

Set Your Mood

Don’t be too excited to release that white juice. Give yourself time to heat up. How would you do it? You do a little masturbation if you’re alone in bed. If your partner is with you, then start with foreplay so that you heat up.  Last, you use the anal hooks to achieve that powerful orgasm you desire.

Lube Up

You’ll want to wait a minute before you use the anal hooks. You can use lubes to increase the stimulation you want to feel.  It’s best to use a silicone formula for you to have an effective lubricant. For sure, you would love the result it gives you.

Start Slowly

It’s important for you not to rush things in using the anal hooks. You start slowly and feel the heat go up your body. You can do this for a short while until you’re ready.

Anal hooks can give you the satisfaction you need. Feel the pleasure in using this by yourself or with partner. You would love the pleasurable moment you would experience.

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