Petplay Gear

Need a fox tail? How about some cute ears? What about a suit?

Whatever your petplay gear needs, we’re here to help.

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Whether you like being a dog or strapping on a pony tail, we have something for you in the Petplay gear category!

Pet play is a style of role-play which generally entails a couple of players embracing characters as animals—bunnies, kittens, dogs, etc.

Be aware it’s normal for pet gamers to be younger variations of their selected creature (i.e. a kitty vs. adult cat).

Normally the Dominant is whoever owns the pet and the submissive is the person who adopts the creature-like characteristics.

In this manner, pet play can be quite similar to or almost equal to D/s, M/s, and TPE relationships. Pet play gear is very important to being a good pet.

Normally, all pets will dress-up so in order to gain some physical traits. Tails are usually used, and frequently change between easy pin-on variants to anal plugs or tail plugs.

An individual can go even farther using animal ears, restraints, collars, and leashes.

But not all kittens dress up; a furry friend may simply assume some features.

Many pets will opt to forgo the intricate creature styled costume and wear lingerie or anything makes them feel hot, but still behave in a pet-like fashion.

It is up to the people involved regarding what works for them (or doesn’t).

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