Pink Heart Flogger

Pink Heart Flogger

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Need to get flogged but want it to be super cute?! This is for you! One of our customers had this to say about this beautiful pink floger:

All I could think about what that heart tailflogger at home..I couldn’t wait to have heart shaped marks covering my ass and the back of my thighs, it was enough to make me squirm in my seat. When the time for me to go to home finally came around, I was already wet with the anticipation of Daddy using the flogger on me and I could wait. As soon as I got home I was instructed to strip down and wait kneeled down at our bedroom door, I did as I was told of course. Before I knew it I was being dragged to the bed by my hair and thrown across the bed, I could feel Daddy’s hand caress my back side before I got the sweet sting of the flogger on my ass, I tried to stay as still as possibled as he smacked my bare bottom with the flogger again, I knew he was leaving marks too, which only made it harder not to squirm. By the third smack I cried out in pleasure and wiggled my ass him taunting him, that in turn earned me a smack on the thighs I bit down on my lip and gripped the sheets on our bed as I arched my back and enjoyed each stinging smack that he give everytime the heart flogger connected to my pale flesh leaving red heart shaped marks all over my ass, by the time he was done I knew I was going to be having a hard time sitting..But it was totally worth it.

Seems great, right? This is a VERY hot deal and it’s not going to last long! As always, we donate 10% of all profits to RAINN, and ship in super-discreet packaging. We also have a 45-day money back guarantee?. Order now! xoxo

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