Pink Pyrex Butt Plugs

Pink Pyrex Butt Plugs

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This beautiful 3 piece Pyrex butt plug set is a must for any collection! Check out this story one of our best customers wrote about it:

“Wake up princess, it’s time for school” Mommy says,rolling over to me as she untucks me from our bed and grabs me upwards. “It’s half term, you know that Mommy”, I say half awake, yawning and rubbing my sleepy eyes. “Yes while we received a new package earlier and we’re going to train”, Mommy says as she grabs a discreet box from under her side of the quilt. Princess was intrigued, she muffled her hair and sat up, with a bralette and nothing else on. “Show me Mommy, what are we training for?”. “We’re not training for anything, we’re training your princess butt hole so I can fuck it” Mommy said with a stern but excited look on her face.

Princess had a smug look on her face, she didn’t look mommy in the face, but said “I don’t like it in the ass, Mommy”. “I know, but I do and I’m the Mommy, and the princess does as she’s told. Correct, sweetie?” Mommy says, tipping princess’s chin up to look at her. Princess looked at Mommy, waiting a few seconds as Mommy’s grip became tighter, she said submissively “Correct, Mommy”. Mommy brought princess’s chin towards her own and began kissing her, rough yet loving. “Great, let’s begin” Mommy said. “Grab the lube and the Pink Fairy Vibrator” she commanded princess, and she did as she was told. Mommy chucked the sheets to the floor and opened the box. Inside were 3 silicone bright pink, jewelled butt plugs, from small to big. Mommy laid them out in front of princess, and princess was in awe. She couldn’t believe how beautiful they were, they were made for a princess! she thought, and I’m a princess, she thought as she smiled, before looking at Mommy.

“Thank you for my princess jewels, Mommy, my butt is gunna look so adorable”. Mommy smiled, “Good princess, now come closer to me, put that tuck up pillow at the bottom of your back, and spread your legs for me like a good girl”. Princess did as she was told as Mommy was waiting at the end of the bed. Mommy pick up the small but plug first and lubed it up, no words was spoken, the room was silent. Then Mommy started lubing her hands and princess’s bum, firstly glently just around her bum and then putting one finger in at a time until all four were in there. “How you feeling baby girl?” Mommy asks, she can see princess’s face a little, wound up and crossed. “Fine Mommy, I’m a good girl” she says softly. “Good princess”, Mommy then proceeded to put the smallest butt plug in, nice and slowly, as princess groaned, in discomfort then in pleasure; until the whole plug was in her bum.

Princess took a sigh of relief, then felt the plug being removed and relaxed, then felt a bigger plug forcing its way up into her bum. “Ow Mommy, you didn’t warn me” as she began to whimper. “Its called training sweetheart, now stop being bad and behave for Mommy”, as she slaps her bum cheek hard. Mommy then started pulling the plug out and then back in, while Princess bit the pillow. Mommy pulled out the medium plug, and ordered Princess to turn the fairy wand vibrator onto the setting she liked best; and place it on her clit. Princess picked it up an did as she was told, she started making moans of relief, while Mommy was lubing up the biggest butt plug. “Get ready for a great princess orgasm”, Mommy shoved the plug up Princess’s bum in one go, then again began moving the plug in at a fast pace.

Princess was in intense pleasure, she felt every movement of her bum hole with the plug and the fairy wand vibrator was buzzing away on her clit. She moaned loudly as she had her princess orgasm, as promised. Once it ended, she turned off the vibrator and begged Mommy to stop, she’d had enough training for one day. Mommy pushed the plug in fully, then took it back out slowly. She looked at princess and said, “now how do you feel about anal Princess?”. Princess looked at her with awe and said she loved her princess anal training and thanked her. “Great, now bend over while I get the strap on” Mommy said as she smacked Princess’s bum.

Sounds unbelievable, right?! Get yours now!

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Weight 0.42 oz
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 12 in
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Anal Sex Toys


Length: 85-115mm Diameter: 34-43mm

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7 reviews for Pink Pyrex Butt Plugs

  1. Maryanne Tarbell


  2. Fredia Royals


  3. Al Bliss

    Looks the same as in picture, but little smaller. Nevertheless great quality. Great packaging.

  4. Customer

    very good

  5. Customer

    19 days to arrive to Canada. Came well packaged and inside a soft fabric bag. All good.

  6. Antionette Cutlip

    Good quality.

  7. Caron Clute

    It looks awesome, and will like it, thanks for the superduper fast delivery!

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